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Student Activities

6d59fd16-712d-4bdf-b9a7-faeac72e8c1b_fd87db20-99a9-4a5b-9028-a7e4507a31ec.jpgJulie Phillips, Consultant, Music TeacherBees-1.JPGLearning About BeesBombers-1.JPGWinnipeg Blue Bombers - I Love to Read Month I%20Love%20to%20Read.jpgMr. Tom Ethans (Take Pride Winnipeg) - I Love to Read MonthÉcole Tuxedo Park offers many opportunities for our students including:
  • High quality classroom instruction based on the top 20 teaching strategies.
  • The use of LOFTS and Smartboards in the classrooms, iPads and laptops in classes, research and fun learning.
  • Creative artistic projects with kiln, plasticine and other materials.
  • School Clubs including:
    • Chess
    • Dance
    • Yoga
    • MTYP
    • Tennis
    • French Sportsmania
  • Artistic activities with various artists to enhance visual arts, dance and creative writing.
  • Choir
  • Community events organized by our Parent Advisory Council including:
    • Annual June BBQ
    • Winter Festival
    • Movie Nights
    • Fun Lunches
  • Book Fair

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