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Who We Are

2bb4ef35-d7fb-4a9b-a6aa-d87a053e9a0b_4c74d485-af70-4790-99ff-f19a636a7146.jpgWe are an Early Years, French Immersion, kindergarten to grade four school.

École Tuxedo Park is a K-4 French Immersion milieu and part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network. We have approximately 100 students and 20 staff members. We are proud to be known as a little school with a big heart. As citizens of peace, we promote human rights with Strini Reddy, the United Way, the Children’s Hospital, Siloam Mission, Orange T-Shirt Day, Pink Day, Bag it Up Manitoba, and more through various projects including providing fresh running water to a community in Zimbabwe and supporting our indigenous communities in northern Manitoba. As well, students in Grade 4 are happy to participate in the Senior Buddies program by bonding with senior citizens on a weekly basis at the Tuxedo Villa Manor next door.

Our logo is represented with 3 cute little penguins as they represent love, belonging and community. One is red, the other is yellow and the third one is green to represent the colours of the Franco-Manitoban flag which is part of our school culture, who we are, and the global citizens we want to be.

Every year, we experience joy in creating artistic projects with guest artists, including indigenous and métis ones. We are also very proud of our reputable school choir with many students from Grades 2-4. Such experiences are important to us as we mold our hearts through the arts.

As well, École Tuxedo Park is renown as a school living the philosophy of Real Restitution. We believe that it’s O.K. to make mistakes as this is how we learn and grow. We are also proud to discover empathy through our the Roots of Empathy program.


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