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The History of Tuxedo Park


The History of École Tuxedo Park

The name Tuxedo Park was first used when F.W. Heubach formed the Tuxedo Park Company in the year 1905.  When the Town of Tuxedo was recognized by the city Council in 1911, housing development in the neighbourhood was just beginning and the need for a school was being discussed.  The “Town of Tuxedo” was formally recognized by Canada in 1923.  That same year the School District Act was passed.  Tuxedo School District was No. 1709.  In 1925, the plans for Tuxedo School No. 2 were underway. 

The original schoolhouse was built in 1926.  It had two classrooms and one teacher named Maud Hill who taught 15 children in Grades 1-8.

The population grew with the development of “Old Tuxedo”.  By 1932 there was a need to add two classrooms to the building.  The southern two rooms were built behind the original classrooms.

Students who attended the school during the next few years fondly remember Constable Behr and his dog Sprite.  The police office for the “Town of Tuxedo” was in the school basement.  Having the constable nearby did wonders for school discipline!

In 1957 the north wing was constructed encompassing three classrooms and the gymnasium.  Two years later the south wing completed the building.

In 1967 Assiniboine South School Division was formed.  Neighbouring school divisions joined to form a larger organization.  Two years later, the Tuxedo School District was eradicated and the school became part of the new Assiniboine South School Division. 

A major change occurred in 1984.  Tuxedo Park School became a French Immersion Centre.  All the signs, books even teachers had to be replaced.  The name changed to École Tuxedo Park.  The school population rose to 265 pupils and in 1988, two portable classrooms were added. 

A few years later, the school division changed the boundaries for the catchment areas and our enrollment dropped.  This change left our school vulnerable for closure.  Parental efforts to support the school and keep it viable resulted in a board decision to keep the school open.

The amalgamation of the Assiniboine South and the Fort Garry school divisions to become the Pembina Trails School Division took place in 2002. 

Together with Home Depot and their employee volunteers, parents and staff volunteers, a one day “build” took place in 2003 and a new playground was the result.  École Tuxedo Park Parent Council was awarded the Premier’s Award for Volunteers for their exceptional efforts and dedication to the school.  

École Tuxedo Park accommodated Kindergarten to Grade 6 students until September 2017.  Going forward, École Tuxedo Park welcomes students from Kindergarten to Grade 4.

There have been many changes over the years but this “little school with a big heart” is remembered fondly and will “stand forever” in the hearts of its many former students, staff and families.

Excerpts taken from the booklet,The History of Tuxedo School No. 2, Tuxedo School, Tuxedo Park School, École Tuxedo Park 1926-2001 (created for the 75th anniversary)

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