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What We Offer


Our Student Services and Specialist Programs

Ongoing assessment monitors our students’ development as it guides our teaching strategies. We want for each child to learn and grow through unlimited potential and meaningful relationships.


Outdoor learning 

We provide outdoor learning opportunities where artistic, scientific, literacy and mathematical lessons take place. Our green space is parent-school constructed and student maintained. This area provides lessons on a regular basis as students watch plants grow and change, problem solve, and learn through hands-on activities.


Developing Leadership 

Helping children develop good leadership skills is an important part of preparing them for the future. It is an effective lesson in student government and leadership. All students are seen as leaders in our school. Students from K-2 are guided by our grade 3 and 4 leaders who serve as role models.


Home Reading Support is customized for every student in both French and English. Parents are encouraged to participate by reading in English with their child at home. French books are also available. Teachers model effective strategies in a balanced literacy program for each child’s reading strategies.


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