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Grade Nine

Arthur A. Leach Grade 9 Course Descriptions 



The following is a list options for next school year. Students will need to be enrolled in 3 option courses Students are asked to rank all the options, as course requests will be filled on a first come first served basis.  We work hard to honour students top three requests but cannot guarantee this.  We reserve the right to cancel a class if there is not sufficient interest. 


Full Credit Options 


AICTI15F/AICTII15F – Applying Information and Communication Technology I&II 15G 

The purpose of this course is to reinforce and extend the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge, attitudes and skills acquired by students in Early and Middle years.  

Students will learn about: 

  • computer programming 

  • video games designing 

  • 2-D animation.  

  • Microsoft Office 

Activities are designed so that students can work independently and to encourage their creativity using technology. 


ART10S – Visual Art 10S  

Students will create artwork in a variety of artistic media (i.e. painting, drawing, sculpture, collage). Emphasis will be placed on skill, knowledge and idea development using an idea journal (sketchbook). Students will be exposed to historical and cultural examples of art, explore new artistic media and investigate the principles and elements of art. They will be encouraged to make authentic personal statements in their own artwork and respond to artwork by others. An art kit is required. An art kit is required for this course.  If your child has taken art at AAL previously, they are welcome to re-use their art kit. First time art students and those requiring replacement art kits will be charged $45 to cover the cost of the kit. 


BA10S – Band 10S  

The Band Program allows students to pursue their love of music while collectively creating and pursuing a high degree of excellence in an exciting, performance-based class. In addition to improving their ability to play a musical instrument, students will explore such topics as music theory, history, and composition. This course will develop creativity, teamwork, leadership, responsibility, empathy, tenacity, and more through the learning and performance of selected repertoire. Prior band experience is an asset, but not a requirement for this course. Band 10S can include many exciting co-curricular and extra-curricular performance opportunities such as concerts and music festivals both in and outside of Winnipeg. Additional instrument rental fees may also apply. 


DP10S – Digital Photography 10S  

This course will focus on how to communicate through digital photography. Students will cover a wide range of photography topics including camera fundamentals, lighting, shooting modes, composition, and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. The course will examine how to communicate, document, and tell stories using photography as an art form. Students will learn about the artistic and technical side of shooting digital images. Nikon DSLR cameras will be used and provided for student learning and exploration Students are expected to provide their own SD card. 


DRAMA10S – Dramatic Arts 10S  

This course will develop a variety of drama skills, including improvisation, characterization techniques, speech and movement. Students will participate in warm-up activities, skill building games and exercises, script work, and other creative projects. They will explore a variety of theatre techniques, genres and performing styles, with opportunities to develop skills in audition taking, script and monologue writing and directing.  Through this course, students can develop confidence, self-awareness, self-expression and understanding of others through creative collaboration and the theatrical classroom community. There will be in-class performances, but students are not required to present publicly. Grade 7 or 8 Drama is NOT required as a prerequisite. 


EAL11G – English as an Additional Language  

This course is designed to help EAL (English as an Additional Language) students improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students will use a variety of texts and participate in an assortment of language-building activities to develop English language skills in a variety of contexts. This course will provide extra practice and assistance to EAL students who are working to expand their knowledge of English. This course is recommended for EAL students who need to strengthen their academic and conversational English and it is strongly recommended for current grade 8 students who are receiving EAL support and accommodations in one or more subjects this year.  


Intro to Human Ecology FS15S/FN15S – Family Studies 15S and Food and Nutrition 15S 

Family Studies includes exploring lifespan developmental stages from the perspective of the adolescent student. Topics include building positive relationships and self-reflecting to enhance personal health and wellness within the context of their own family dynamics and the community in which they live. 

The Food and Nutrition portion of this credit includes the major concepts of individual nutritional needs, and the preparation and service of food. Students will apply the decision-making process in planning and purchasing food. They will also plan, prepare, and serve nutritious meals 


FN10S - Food and Nutrition 10S 

In this full credit course, students will delve deeper to further enhance their skill sets and gain more intricate knowledge of individual nutritional needs, the consumer and the food industry, and the preparation and service of food. Students will apply the decision-making process in planning and purchasing food. They will also plan, prepare, and serve nutritious meals.   


FCC10F – French Communication and Culture 10F  

French is a compulsory course for Grade 7 and Grade 8 students and is an option course in Grade 9.  This course’s main focus is to provide students with a basic understanding of French grammar, sentence structure, and provide opportunities for students to practice their communication skills.   


GCT10G – Graphic Communication Technology 10G  

This course exposes students to the art, the skill and the variety of topics and current innovations within Graphic Communication Technology (GCT) whilst providing students with an opportunity to express their creativity and artistic vision through GCT.  


In this full credit course, students will explore basic design principles used within the graphic art/design industry and delve deeper to further enhance their skill sets and gain more intricate knowledge of GCT. Projects are tailored so that students can work independently to encourage their creativity and understanding of attention-grabbing designs. Content and projects include; illustrating, photo editing, product design, vinyl cut decals, air brushing, screen printing, 3D designing, and other media creation as time allows. 


GUI10S – Guitar 10S  

This course is intended for students with a keen, genuine interest in learning to play the guitar. While previous music background would be an asset, it is not a requirement. The course is meant for pure beginners, or students with some limited guitar experience who wish to progress in their guitar playing ability or even advanced students who wish to progress and be a mentor to their peers. The course will focus on building musical skills and developing musical appreciation. Owning a basic starter guitar would be an asset, but it is not a requirement. Students will be expected to perform in front of other students in the guitar class as the year progresses, as well as participate in at least one concert performance in the gymnasium. Students are expected to practice at home or school regularly in order to progress.  


IMP10S – Improvisation (Drama) 10S 

Students will focus on the art of improvisation (performance created without scripts or preparation), a crucial skill in performing arts and helpful in many other life situations. If you enjoy drama for the games, activities, scene building and quick thinking, then this may be the course for you. This course will concentrate on developing foundational improv skills like accepting offers, active listening, building scenes, supporting your peers, taking creative risks and creating entertaining original content. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Improv Show performances. Grade 7 or 8 Drama is NOT required as a prerequisite. 


LWE10S – Life/Work Exploration 10S  

Life/Work Exploration is designed to connect school learning with workplace and labour market realities.  This course will provide students with an overview of career development outcomes with emphasis on building a positive self-esteem, exploring self-assessment, locating work information, resumé building and selecting high school courses. Additionally, students will utilize the division-wide program My Blueprint and students will have a chance to complete their Young Workers Readiness Certificate in class. Students will explore potential occupations, employability skills, and new and exciting employment fields from presenters in the field. They will also learn to develop the skills necessary for effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.  


MEP10S -Media Exploration and Production 10S (Digital Video Broadcasting) 

This course will expose students to a broad spectrum of video production concepts and skills. Initially, the course will focus on camera work and composition techniques, followed by an introduction to editing. An emphasis will be placed on storytelling and using video as a medium to bring ideas to life. We use the "Live at Leach" platform to communicate with the school community and share projects throughout the year. The course involves team work and is full of opportunities for creativity, learning new skills and self-directed learning.  


WOOD10G – Woodwork Technology 10G  

This course provides students a variety of topics and current innovations within the woodworking industry. It will develop students’ woodworking craftsmanship by creating a compulsory project, and then having the freedom to research, design, and construct a project of their choice.  


Students will work with wood to produce various types of projects using traditional tools and modern computerized machining processes, such as a computerized milling machine. Students will apply measuring, material removal and joining to produce their projects. In this full credit course, students will delve deeper to further enhance their skill sets, and gain more intricate knowledge of woodworking. 


This course will also cover, but not limited to, the following topics; safe working habits within the classroom using tools and machinery, exposure to career opportunities and apprenticeship programs, measurement, drafting and design practices.  


Half Credit Options (offered outside the regular school day and in addition to other options) 


MUT15S – Musical Theatre (Drama) 15S 

Students will learn and develop a variety of performing arts skills used in the Musical Theatre genre. They will explore many classic and modern musicals through song, choreography and scene work. Students will be introduced to the variety of careers available in the performing arts industry, both on stage and off. Part of this course will include participating in the spring extra-curricular musical productionGrade 7 or 8 Drama is NOT required as a prerequisite and students do not need prior experience with musical theatre, simply the willingness to try. 


JB15S – Jazz Band 15S  

This course allows students to explore the jazz idiom through performance of various jazz styles. Improvisation is a key component of this type of music and invites students to use their creative and critical musical skills while developing their overall musicianship. In addition to concert band instruments, students who play guitar, bass, piano, and drum set are welcome to join. Band 10S is a prerequisite for Jazz Band 15S, except in very rare circumstances (please inquire if you have questions). Jazz Band can include a significant number of performance opportunities both in and outside of the school schedule. 


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