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Grade Nine



Visual Art - The focus for this program is the identification of SELF, COMMUNITY and the WORLD.  Students will create artwork in a variety of artistic media (i.e. painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, print-making).  Emphasis will be placed on skill, knowledge and idea development through the use of an idea journal (sketchbook).  Students will be exposed to historical and cultural examples of art, explore new artistic media and investigate the principles and elements of art.  They will be encouraged to make authentic personal statements in their own artwork and respond to artwork by others.

**Please note that art students will be required to purchase a new Art Supply Kit at a cost of $35.00.  If the student already has an art kit from the previous school season, but requires some items refilled, please see the Art Teacher for the individual costs of items in the art kit.

Band - The Band Program allows students to pursue their love of music while collectively creating and pursuing a high degree of excellence in an exciting, performance-based class. In addition to improving their ability to play a musical instrument, students will explore such topics as music theory, history, and composition. Prior band experience is an asset, but not a requirement for this course. The year includes many exciting co-curricular and extra-curricular performance opportunities such as concerts and music festivals both in and outside of Winnipeg. Band 10G is a pre-requisite for both Band 20G and Jazz Band 20G in many high schools.


Computers ~ Graphic Communication Technology - The purpose of this course is to reinforce and extend the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge, attitudes and skills acquired by students in Early and Middle years.  The course will further prepare students to use ICT to learn and demonstrate their learning in all Senior Years courses.  Students will design electronic plans, organize and categorize information using spreadsheets, outlines, tables, charts, file directories and databases.  They will design and create interactive non-linear web pages and branching multimedia presentations.  Students will be asked to assess sources to determine the context, perspective, bias and motive of the media explored.  Students will be shown how to crop, resize, clone and alter digital images, create informative pod casts, create hyperlinked Power Points with transitions and edit student directed videos with Windows Movie Maker.


Digital Video Broadcasting (Applying Information and Communication Technology) - This course will deal with a broad spectrum of film making concepts and skills.  Initially, the course will deal with camera work and composition techniques, followed by an introduction to editing.  An emphasis will be placed on storytelling and using film as a medium to bring ideas to life. The course involves a great deal of team work and is full of opportunities for creativity, learning new skills and self-directed learning.


In Applying Information and Communication Technology students will also learn the basics of broadcast journalism, video journalism and the technical skills required to produce live and taped news features. Through their participation in the production of both live and taped news stories, students will be actively engaged in all aspects of the creative and technical processes required to bring news, features and special interest stories to the viewing audience.


Foods - The full credit Foods and Nutrition course includes the major concepts of the individual and nutritional needs, the consumer and food, and the preparation and service of food.  The students will apply the decision making process in planning and purchasing food.  They will also plan, prepare and serve nutritious meals.  In this full credit course, students will delve deeper to further enhance their skill sets, and gain more intricate knowledge.


Woodwork Technology - Students will explore the exciting world of Wood Manufacturing. Students will produce a compulsory project and then have the opportunity to research, design, and construct a project of their choice.  Project design, plan reading, construction and cost evaluation will be explored.  Students will work with wood to produce various types of projects using traditional tools and modern computerized machining processes utilizing a computerized milling machine.  Students will apply measuring, material removal and joining to produce their projects.  Robotic control will also be explored as part of the modern method of material removal.  Safety instruction and testing on all tool and machine operation will be stressed.  In this full credit course, students will delve deeper to further enhance their skill sets, and gain more intricate knowledge.


French - French is a compulsory course for Grade 7 and Grade 8 students and is an option course in Grade 9.  The program’s main focus is to provide students with a basic understanding of French grammar, sentence structure, and provide opportunities for students to practice their communication skills.  (Pre-requisite for French 20G in high school)


English as an Additional Language - This course is designed to help EAL (English as an Additional Language) students improve their skills in speaking, reading and writing English.  Using a variety of texts and activities the course will support EAL students in developing English language skills in a wide variety of contexts.  This course will enable EAL students to have assistance in learning/using the English language, without having to miss classes in their other subject areas.  Grade 8 students receiving EAL support this year are strongly recommended to enroll in this course.


Drama - Students will learn basic drama techniques including warm-up activities, movement, characterization, improvisation, script work, and development of the singing voice (singing in the production is not a requirement).  Students will develop confidence, self-awareness and understanding of others throughout the Musical Theatre. Students may participate in the spring drama production.


Leadership – Leadership is designed to help build leaders of tomorrow.  Some of the leadership topics offered include:  Group Dynamics, Values, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Self-Confidence, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Motivation, and Communication Skills.  The students who choose Leadership Education will be involved in community volunteering (in and out of school time) along with various responsibilities within the school such as intramurals, tournament preparation and process, gym blast, possible coaching opportunities and other events.  The course requirements include written assignments, projects and written tests along with the practical application of concepts and skills.


Introduction To Photography - This course will focus on how to communicate through print media. Photography, captions, descriptions, and written work will be showcased and published.  Students will cover a wide range of photography topics culminating with telling Arthur A. Leach’s story in pictures.  Topics covered will include digital photography fundamentals, lighting, shooting modes, composition and photo editing.  The course will touch on photography and the media and responsibility in photography.  The ongoing final project for the course will be to produce the school’s yearbook.


Guitar - This course is intended for students with a keen, genuine interest in learning to play the guitar. While previous music background will be a definite asset, it is not a requirement. The course is meant for pure beginners, or students with some limited guitar experience who wish to progress in their guitar playing ability. Students will learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar: proper technique, basic music notation and theory, tablature, fretboard geometry, scales, chords, chord progressions, and basic strumming techniques. In most instances, the course will use examples from current and classic pop/rock music to serve as the basis for material and concepts covered in the class.


The course will focus on building musical skills and developing musical appreciation. Students will be using acoustic guitars provided by the school, or their own acoustic guitars. Owning a basic starter guitar would definitely be an asset, but it is not a requirement. Some school guitars will be available to be signed out to take home, and students are welcome to practice with school guitars over the noon hour.  Students will be expected to perform in front of other students in the guitar class, as well as concert performances in the gymnasium as the school year progresses. Students will be expected to practice at home or school regularly.  Students may also be expected to attend a tutorial/sectional class once or twice a month at a convenient time.

Options potentially offered outside of the regular timetable:

Jazz Band - This course allows students to explore the jazz idiom through performance of various jazz styles. Improvisation is a key component of this type of music and invites students to use their creative and musical talents while developing their sense of style. In addition to concert band instruments, students who play guitar, bass, piano, and drum set are welcome to join. In cases of instrument doubling, preference will be given to students registered in Concert Band. Jazz Band includes a significant amount of performance opportunities and students in this ensemble must have a high level of commitment.

Choir - This course allows students the opportunity to sing a wide variety of music in a choral setting, with an emphasis on classical, pop and jazz styles. Performance, improvisation, vocal development and music theory are key components of this course. Students will learn how to sing melodies and harmonies by ear as well as by reading music. Choir offers many extra-curricular performance opportunities and students who join this course are expected to attend all performances.

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