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Lancer Inter-School Programs

Arthur A Leach provides many opportunities for students at all levels who wish to participate in a particular sport or activity. 

Our grade 5 students have to opportunity to run cross country in the fall, indoor track and field through the winter and outdoor track and field in the spring. Our grade six students have the same opportunities with the addition of friendly volleyball and basketball tournaments that take place in the fall and winter. 

Our grade 7 to 9 students have several inter-school opportunities as the divisional leagues begin in grade 7. These school teams have a teacher/coach and follow regular practice and competition schedules. We have school teams for boys and girls in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, indoor and outdoor track and field, badminton, cricket, ultimate frisbee and beach volleyball. 

Lancer Intramural Program

This recreational sports program is offered to all students during the lunch hour. A variety of activities are available on a rotational basis. 

See the school athletics calendar for more details.

Coaches List 



Cross Country

Andrea Boyd

Brenna Payjack

Dave Van Benthem

Maggie Klassen

Gr. 7 Girls Volleyball

Gr. 7 Boys Volleyball

Gr. 8 Girls Volleyball

Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball

Gr. 9 Girls Volleyball

Gr. 9 Boys Volleyball

Gr. 7 Girls Basketball

Gr. 7 Boys Basketball

Gr. 8 Girls Basketball

Gr. 8 Boys Basketball

Gr. 9 Girls Basketball

Gr. 9 Boys Basketball

Gr. 7 Badminton

Gr. 8 Badminton

Gr. 9 Badminton

Gr. 7-9 Ultimate Frisbee

Gr. 7-9 Rugby

Gr. 7-9 Beach Volleyball

Indoor Track and Field


Outdoor Track and Field


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