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Who We Are

Arthur A. Leach Lancers


Arthur A. Leach School – Home of the Lancers – is filled with exciting opportunities for students and adults. It is a school built upon respect and a pursuit of excellence, supported by hard work and innovation, and under a roof constructed with care and community. At Arthur A. Leach School, adults work with students to create the conditions for engaged learning to occur and to see the endless possibilities.

As a Lancer, students are expected to take charge, demonstrating commitment, honesty, attitude, respect, gratitude and empathy. Lancers who take charge:

  • accept and include everyone
  • respect themselves, others and the environment
  • communicate respectfully
  • do their best

Whether you are a student or a staff member, if you attend Arthur A. Leach School, you will quickly feel a sense of belonging and will develop great pride in being a Lancer.

The bar is set high at Arthur A. Leach, because Lancers who Show Up, Do The Work and Do Their Best, are guaranteed to find success!

As we continue to focus on sustainability and timely communication, we will continue to utilize electronic communication as much as possible to keep families up-to-date.

Examples of this include:

  • online report cards,
  • direct email to families,
  • online permission slips,
  • using the website
  • classroom communication app
  • Twitter

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