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Extended Student Absences

Although not encouraged during the school year, we recognize that travelling can be full of wonderful learning opportunities. In addition, occasionally there may be times that your child may need to miss school for an extended period due to unexpected family events such as illness and/or funerals. We also recognize that these events may occur in different parts of the world.

With the above in mind, if an extended absence should occur during the academic year and you must remove your child from school, please be aware that the richness of learning experiences cannot be replaced by learning packages or Edsby. Classroom instruction will not be duplicated or repeated, nor will homework be provided for extended student absences.

As a parent/guardian, if your child is going to be absent for an extended period, please consider having your child engage in activities such as daily reading, journaling, design projects, or inquiry learning that their interests inspire.

For absences over four weeks, students will be withdrawn from the school and re-entered upon return. We cannot guarantee that your child will return to the same homeroom, depending on enrolment.

In preparation for your child’s absence, please ensure that you formally contact the office to share important information around the absence, so that we can plan and prepare.  

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