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Grade Eight

Core Subject Areas

Grade eight students at Arthur A. Leach are all enrolled in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education; they will also complete a rotation of Applied Arts (Foods, Woods and Computers) in each of the three terms.


Students are exposed to ONE option course and will receive four 40-minute classes per cycle in their chosen course. Each option is described below.

Art - The focus for this program is the identification of SELF, COMMUNITY and the WORLD. Students will create artwork in a variety of artistic media (e.g., painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, printmaking). Emphasis will be placed on skill, knowledge and idea development through the use of an idea journal (sketchbook). Students will be exposed to historical and cultural examples of art, explore new artistic media and investigate the principles and elements of art. They will be encouraged to make authentic personal statements in their own artwork and respond to artwork by others.

Band - The Band program allows students to pursue their love of music while collectively creating and pursuing a high degree of excellence in an exciting, performance-based class. Grade 8 Band will continue building on the skills acquired in Grade 7 Band, and students will have the opportunity to audition for additional instruments such as oboe, bass clarinet, saxophone, French horn and percussion. This course will develop ensemble skills, teamwork, leadership, responsibility and initiative through the learning and performance of selected repertoire. Students will continue exploring such topics as music literacy, theory, history and composition. The year includes many exciting co-curricular and extracurricular performance opportunities such as concerts and music festivals, both in and outside of Winnipeg. 

Drama - Grade 8 Drama continues to explore the concepts of teambuilding/trust, pantomime and improvisation. The students' storytelling skills and interpersonal skills will be challenged in a safe, supportive environment. Grade 8 Drama students will delve further into character work and perform monologues. Grade 8 students will participate in a class production.

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