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Student Services


The Student Services team at École Dieppe works in collaboration with classroom teachers to address the needs all students, including those with exceptional learning needs. École Dieppe offers early years’ literacy interventions for students in grades one and two, including Leveled Literacy Intervention and IL2, a French Intervention Literacy program for grade two students. 

Resource Teachers:

Mme Gubbels and Mme Ellis are the Resource Teachers at École Dieppe. They work with small groups or individual children and provide additional assessment. They also help teachers implement adaptations to help all students be successful. The Resource teachers are the Case Managers for students who have plans. They liaise with clinicians including the psychologist, speech and language clinician and occupational therapist. Another role is to provide leadership for grade level teams to implement effective teaching strategies. At times, the Resource Teachers co-teach with classroom teachers. They also provide training for the Educational Assistants in the school. Our Resource teachers are an important part of the Dieppe team.

School Counsellor:

Our school counsellor Mme Novotny works in collaboration with parents, teachers and divisional supports to meet the social, emotional, behavioral needs of students to maximize their learning potential.  

Counselling at Dieppe includes supporting the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking skills) program and teaching the ROE (Roots of Empathy) program in a grade 4 class.  It also involves working with individual students, small groups and co-teaching full classes in areas corresponding to; relationships, friendshipsself-esteemself-regulationconflict resolutionpersonal responsibility and transitions to a new school. 

English as an Additional Language (EAL): 

École Dieppe provides English language programming to support the development of students who are learning English as an additional language in grades K-4. EAL learners at École Dieppe are integrated into regular classes with non-EAL learners. Classroom and resource teachers collaborate to support EAL learners within the classroom, however occasionally one-on-one or small groups sessions take place.

Literacy Intervention:  

Mme Ormiston delivers daily 30 minute Leveled Literacy Intervention lessons tailored to meet the specific needs of the student. Drawing on careful observation and using her knowledge of a wide range of procedures, Leveled Literacy Intervention teachers give each student the support they need to make fast progress in reading and writing. 

Leveled Literacy Intervention instruction focuses on the lowest achieving children early and provides individually designed lessons delivered by a specially trained teacher.


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