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About Us


Welcome to École Dieppe. We are an Early Years French Immersion school community for kindergarten to grade four students. We believe in creating a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where all children can thrive, learn and reach their full potential.  

At École Dieppe, we encourage mutual respect and responsibility and establish an acceptance of individual differences. We offer rich, innovative and creative learning experiences for all students. Students have many opportunities to showcase their talents in the areas of academics, arts, sports, music and citizenship.

Children's successes are celebrated in a variety of ways: classroom, assemblies and announcements.

Ecole Dieppe's school environment encourages children to build on their strengths and to learn from their mistakes in order to develop responsibility, grow in self-esteem and persevere.

Our playground features two play structures, buddy benches, swings, equipment for indoor and outdoor games are provided for each class. The buddy bench is used when children are looking to build friendships can sit and find a friend. We also have an attached daycare, a non-profit lunch program and a growing volunteer program.

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