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Who We Are

Henry G. Izatt Middle School offers a grade 5 to 9 program located in the community of Whyte Ridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba. HGI students have choice to become involved in areas of their interest and passion while covering the grade level outcomes with an excellent team of staff. As it is critical for students to develop as literate, responsible and involved citizens, global and digital citizenship are critical factors in our school plan.

HGI Mission Statement:

In a rapidly changing world, we are a community of learners dedicated to nurturing growth and development through diverse and sustainable opportunities.

Humanity: We promote belonging, community, global citizenship and a healthy learning environment – the groundwork for personal growth and development.

Growth: We seek new experiences as means to cultivate curiosity and realize the true potential for learning.

Innovation: We take the risks and disruptive leaps necessary to align new and relevant goals for learning with our rapidly changing world.

Sustainability: We intentionally infuse sustainability initiatives to connect environmental stewardship, social action and community partnerships to improve the way we live. 

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