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Bonnycastle Track and Field & Dance in the Park

BONNYCASTLE PHYSICAL EDUCATION UPDATE: As we approach the end of the school year, our Physical Education department has some exciting updates to share! Our students have been actively engaged in various physical activities, and we are thrilled to highlight some recent and upcoming events.

Grade 4 Outdoor Track

Our Grade 4 students have shown incredible enthusiasm and energy during our outdoor track sessions. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the track field comes alive with the sound of running feet and cheering classmates. The students have been practicing different track events, including sprints, long-distance running, and relay races. This program aims to improve their cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and teamwork skills. We are so proud of the progress they’ve made and the sportsmanship they’ve displayed.

School-Wide Event: Dance in the Park

We are excited to announce our annual school-wide event, "Dance in the Park," scheduled for June 7th. This event is a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers, and families to come together and celebrate the joy of movement and music. The event will feature a variety of dance performances by different grade levels. 

Please ensure your child wears comfortable clothing and brings a water bottle for the event. Let’s make it a memorable day filled with laughter, rhythm, and community spirit.

We thank you for your continued support in making our physical education program a success. Here’s to a fun and active end to the school year!

Mr. Rhys Mitchell   Mme. Nina Kankam   Mme. Alison Clarke


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