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Student Services

Our Student Support team includes resource teachers, a counsellor and Leveled Literacy Intervention teachers who collaborate with classroom teachers to provide programming that meets the needs of all our students. Our Student Services team has a background in language and literacy development, social emotional development, and curriculum planning across the disciplines.

A student education planning process is initiated by a teacher and supported by the Student Services team when a student's learning or behaviour indicates a need for additional support, challenge or redirection. Classroom teachers collaborate with the Special Services team to enrich and extend learning opportunities for these students.

The Student Services team work in partnership with all staff to identify student needs and plan instruction and interventions to meet those needs. The Student Services team support the implementation of new curricula and the development of plans for students with exceptional needs. They also work closely with educational assistants and divisional support personnel to assist students individually or in small groups. They assist staff and students with the social-emotional aspects of school life and learning. They are involved with staff in planning for health and personal safety programming, building school and classroom climate, and encouraging student leadership and effective group learning. They assist students and their families with problems that impact school success.

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