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Music at Beaverlodge School is an Orff based program designed to guide students through the approved provincial curriculum as outlined in the Manitoba Education and Training document. Musical concepts are introduced sequentially beginning in kindergarten with special awareness, beat, speaking voice, singing voice and instrumental play.

The voice is the first instrument that each child explores and uses to create pattern and pitch. Musical ideas are explored in a more sophisticated way as students learn to master the Orff instruments which include non-pitched percussion and melodic bar instruments. In addition to the full range of Orff instruments, students at Beaverlodge School begin the study of soprano recorder in grade four.

Using the vehicles of speech, song, movement, listening, improvisation and instrumental play, students are active participants in every lesson. The most important way to help your child develop musically is simply to sing together and listen to music at home. Quality recordings for early years children to sing-along and listen to during play time are excellent strategies to develop language skills and sense of rhythm.

Extracurricular opportunities offered through the music program may include: Composer’s Corner, Recorder Buddies and Percussion/Drumming Groups. Beaverlodge School traditionally holds a K to 5 Holiday concert in December.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s music education, or regarding work in the music room, please contact our music teacher.

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