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Lunch Program

Beaverlodge School and Pembina Trails School Division, provides a supervised lunch program to enable students to remain at school over the lunch hour. Parents provide a bagged lunch for their children. Students are monitored by a lunch supervisor while they eat and go outside. Children have thirty minutes to eat lunch and thirty minute outside or for an extracurricular activity if offered. While participating in the lunch program, students are expected to follow the Standard of Behaviour Guidelines established by the school division and the school.

Students may be enrolled in the program on a full-time or casual basis. Parents must register children to attend the lunch program. Registration information is emailed to parents at the beginning of the school year or upon request. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Lunch Program, please call the school office.

COST for the 2022-23 School Year:

Full time attendance is $140.00 per student per year.  Parents are able to pay this fee in one lump sum or in two payments of $70. 

Casual Attendance is $1 per day.  Casual Cards are purchased in advance, 10 stays per card, for $10.


Payment Option 1: One payment in full, due on or near the first day of school in September. 

Payment Option 2: Two Installments - the first on or near the first day of school in September and the second on or near the first day back after the winter break in January. 

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