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Physical Education

COVID 19 - PLEASE NOTE:   - Normally students in Grade 3-6 would change into separate gym clothes prior to each PE class.  The the beginning of the 2020 school year, students will NOT change for Phys Ed class, however, all students will be asked to have proper athletic shoes.  It is important for students to wear clothing which allows them to move freely for PE.  If your child frequently wears clothing which would make it difficult for them to participate, it would be a good idea for them to keep a gym bag at school with athletic clothing, so they could change for PE as needed.  Should restrictions change during the 20-21 school year, and it becomes safe for students to be in the change rooms in large numbers, we may re-assess and ask for students to start bringing PE clothing.

The Physical Education program at Bairdmore is guided by a physical education specialist. The program emphasizes participation, fun, fitness and skill growth. It covers the student outcomes in the Manitoba Physical Education Curriculum. The basic movement skills taught are the building blocks on which all physical play is based. The program provides all children with opportunities to build a positive self-image and achieve individual growth and success.

Physical Education Classes: Thank you parents for ensuring that your children have proper fitting, non-marking soled, running shoes.

Students will not be changing at this time. Please see above note on Covid 19.

Grade 3-6 students change for gym and are expected to wear appropriate gym clothing.  Please put your child’s name on the inside label of his/her gym clothes for easy identification as many articles of clothing end up in the lost and found and children do not always readily identify their own clothing.

Fall News

Terry Fox Run: Many of us have lost loved ones to cancer and know people who are currently taking cancer treatment. This fundraising event will help to fund cancer research.  In his honor Bairdmore School will be participating in a walk/run in September on our playground. You are welcome to come and join us for the assembly and run.

Cross Country Running Club  .  See your newsletter calendar for practice runs. The first race will start approximately at 1:20 pm. The order of races will go out in the permission form.  

Grade 6 Volleyball:  All grade six students are encouraged to join the volleyball teams. Practices are on the Bairdmore website calendar. Tournaments are in November.

Grade 6 Basketball:  All grade 6 students are encouraged to join the basketball teams.  Practices are on the Bairdmore website calendar.  Tournaments are in March.

Indoor Tract:  Grade 4-6 - begins in March.

Track and field - Grade 4-6 - begins in May.

Divisional Track - Grade 4-6 Students - May.

Manitoba Marathon - June.

Dance on the Hard Top - Gr. 1-3, June

Primary Play Day - Grade 1-3, June.

Grade 6 P.E. Student Leadership: Leadership applications go out in September. Leadership students support the P.E. department in many ways and play a major role in planning and running many of the extra-curricular activities.   

 We are looking forward to an exciting and activity filled year.

Mr.  Brad Knight and Ms. Kim Fitchner-Jerez 

Bairdmore School

Physical Education Staff

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