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September 2016

  • 28: Terry Fox Run 2:00pm

October 2016

10 - Thanksgiving  - No School
11 - Tri-Conf. 4-6:30 pm
13 - Tri-Conf. 4-6:30 pm
14 - Tri-Conf. 8:45 am
18 - PAC 6:30 pm
19 - Early Dismissal 2:00 pm
21 - PD Day - No School
31 - Halloween

November 2016

7 - Lifetouch Retakes
8 - Immunizations
9 - Early Dismissal 2:00 pm
10 - HGI Remembrance Serv.
11 - Remembrance Day - No School
14 - PD Day - No School
22 - PAC 6:30 pm
30 - Grade 7-9 Band Concert






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HGI 2016


Admin Message

With a very positive start to the HGI school year, seeming like the “blink of an eye”, we are in the middle of September. The students started their programs, had their photos taken and have had their Strong Beginnings appointments, forming the foundation for their learning this year, while beginning to establish a positive working relationship with their teachers. Thank you sincerely, parents, for the support you are providing to assist your child and our school in such a positive start.

Accurate communication is a focus for us this year. We have worked intentionally to limit the amount of paper sent home with our students and rely on sharing information electronically. This strategy works as long as we keep up to date. A few office staff members are new this year. We will be working together to implement the most efficient strategies to keep the community informed. Since the teacher list was published, Christine Prystenski (Grade 7) and Lisa Templeton (Grade 8) have begun medical leaves. Currently, Jacqueline Fogg and Karl Zeilke have stepped into the term positions for these two.

The Division is working to implement new website formats throughout this year. More information will be sent to parents as it becomes available. In the meanwhile, HGI teachers will maintain “weeblies” linked to our staff page. On these websites, teachers communicate classroom dates, projects, homework and provide links to websites supporting content currently being taught in class.

The HGI website will continue to be a source of information and entertainment for families. The exciting news this week is that the movies created last year are being posted for your viewing enjoyment – “Before it’s Too Late”; “Straight Outta Whyte Ridge” and “Dawn of Destruction” (to be released September 30) have links up on HGITube. The calendars (school and sports) are also on our website. “HGI Live” is a Monday routine where students participate in the live broadcasting of HGI news. The archives will then be posted to our website (under the “HGI Live” button) and will provide an overview of the school news for anyone visiting the site.

Twitter provides one way to have our community keep our HGI community informed and celebrating the many activities in and around the school. If you have a photo or information about a student, a team or a school event, please post it using the hashtag @hgi_news. Together, we can cover the variety of opportunities while celebrating our extensive student involvement.

Our Parent Advisory Council has initiated a Facebook page to share information and news with the community. This page will be linked to the PAC button on the HGI website. This group is a very positive, involved one, assisting the school in many ways and working to ensure communication strategies are embedded. The PAC meeting dates are public on the website.

Sincerely,  Mike Pizzi & Peggy Hobson

Aligned with the Pembina Trails School Division new brand, HGI revised our strategic plan around our four pillars:

Humanity – Growth – Innovation – Sustainability

Humanity: We promote belonging, community, global citizenship, and a healthy learning environment – the groundwork for personal growth and development.

Growth: We seek new experiences as means to cultivate curiosity and realize the true potential for learning.

Innovation: We take the risks and disruptive leaps necessary to align new and relevant goals for learning with our rapidly changing world.

Sustainability: We intentionally infuse sustainability initiatives to connect environmental stewardship, social action, and community partnerships to improve the way we live.

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Vice Principal: Mike Pizzi