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Grade 8

Core Subject Areas

English Language Arts (ELA), French, Math, Physical Education/Health, Social Studies and Science

Additional Subject Area

IA: 5 - 6 weeks of further exposure to courses such as Bikes, Drama, Robotics, Outdoor Education, Media Literacy and Foods and Nutrition.

Option Courses

Art or Band (choose one)

Art: Grade 8 Art provides a more advanced focus on the elements learned in the grade seven Art program while also adding in 3-dimensional quality drawing, shading & highlighting with different media, calligraphy, drawing portraits & human figures and working with acrylic paint. You do not have to have taken grade seven Art to take register for the grade eight program. 

Depending on the number of students enrolled, the Art program may include a Graphic Arts component. In this case, student would switch from one to the other halfway through the year. 

Graphic Arts is a program that introduces students to computer graphics, multimedia and animation. Delivered through traditional classroom instruction and e-learning technologies, students work independently on projects to enhance their digital presentation skills.

Band: Grade 8 Concert Band builds on the skills and concepts learned in grade 7 Concert Band. The focus of grade 8 band is on performance in a large ensemble setting. New members are always welcome. 


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