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Jan 25
Coming Together for our Students

​Dear École Tuxedo Park Families,

Since March and the beginning of this school year, our priority at École Tuxedo Park has been and continues to be to create the conditions for students to feel safe and cared for. We truly value providing a sense of love and belonging for students to experience positive connections and well-being. We are glad to see that students are smiling and have a skip in their step. They enjoy sharing stories, showing their work, and are appreciative of our remarkable staff, who are supporting the teaching and learning.

We are so proud to see that our school community has adapted so well. Because we are in this together, here are two websites to help your child or children stay connected to their learning:

My Learning at Home (Physical, Social and Emotional, and Digital Wellness)

My Learning at Home (Set Routines, Create a Space for Learning, Help your Child) .

We thank you for sending your child to school, including those who are participating in remote learning. We thank you for trusting us.

Should you have any questions about your child’s learning, please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher.

We can be proud to be living Pembina Trails’ leadership moto: “Leading together, we inspire hope and nurture learning”.

Wishing you a bright new year filled with hope, health, and happiness,

Karine Rioux


"A smile can prompt a smile, which may extend into a laugh, and bring happiness to an entire room".

- Richard Branson

Aug 28

​Hello École Tuxedo Park Families,

We hope that you had a restful summer and are looking forward to greeting all students on September 8-9, 2020. 

We are so proud of staff. Everyone is diligently preparing for the school year.

Together, we will continue to inspire hope and nurture learning in a safe and caring school environment. 

Have a great school year!

Jun 08

​We thank Tracy Bowman, Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Chair, who has served our school community well for the past four years. Tracy was truly dedicated to her responsibilities as our chair. She partnered well with all members of our PAC and ensured that everyone’s voice was heard, including student voice. Tracy validated PAC’s and staff’s thoughts, ideas and contributions. At every meeting, she greeted everyone wholeheartedly and reinforced how much she appreciated the support of our devoted parents and staff. We thank Tracy and our highly engaged PAC council for all the memorable events including:  Festival  BBQ  Dance-a-thon  Movie Nights  More
We also thank Tracy and the team for supporting:  
Field trips

Artistic programs

Milk program

Fun lunches

Staff appreciation week

Tracy and our PAC have always been very supportive of our school community and have brought significant contributions at École Tuxedo Park and at schools in need which have had positive ripple effects. We are grateful to see not only that our PAC has maintained its effectiveness but has grown with new parents, thanks to Tracy’s leadership.
We also thank Ruey Chyi-Su who has diligently lifted student spirits with fun lunches. Ruey was a true team player as she coordinated these special events with parents and the school. Thank you, Ruey.
Thank you as well, Dan Sprintz, for your enthusiasm as a member at large within our PAC and giving us a hand at events.
We also thank all parents who contributed in our PAC this year, including: 
Alanna McNaught as our treasurer

Gagan Dhaliwal as our secretary

Amy Potter and Geoff Dalton for our Movie Night  Geoff Dalton as our reliable and cool D-J

Heather Thiessen who did the design work for our Festival order forms

Heath Feldman for our t-shirts

Ruey Chyi-Su as our fun lunch coordinator

Josie Vitucci-Spencer as our vice-chair and for organizing our after school clubs

Betta Wishart and Andrea Coulling for organizing our annual school fundraiser, the Dance-a-thon

Andrea Coulling for organizing our guitar club

Dina Kyriakopoulos for the plant fundraiser and maintenance of our trees

All families that helped by volunteering at the winter festival.
We fully understand that not all families are able to attend our PAC meetings. Some choose to contribute in various ways as volunteers to support the learning or community events. We thank all families who supported us this year.
We also thank families who will be leaving us including: Abramovski, Bowman, Dewar, Farag, Guerra, Jang, Kohansal, Larson, Poturnak, Sigurdson, Sprintz and Srinathan. .  Please note that in French, we say “au revoir”, meaning that we will be seeing each other again, perhaps at one of our community events or at a time that would be convenient for you and the school. 
We also thank our lunch monitors who continue to serve our students very well and faithfully during our lunch hour, including Amber Gordon, Ingrid Stratton, Elaine Hill, and Princesse Thomas. As well, Jill Zurzolo, Katherine Santos, and Stephanie Guerra are very supportive as they replace our monitors when needed. 
Finally, we thank Katherine Santos who continues to contribute with our fun lunches and celebrations. Katherine helps with getting items for us for events and we see her regularly serving our school community with a smile. 
Wishing everyone success, happiness, health, and abundance.

Mar 27

We are absolutely honoured and privileged to see how our two of our students are engaged in their learning from home: . Congratulations Gia and Cristiano!

We thank all of you who are sending warm thoughts and wishes while expressing gratitude for all the wonderful lessons prepared by our team of teachers. We thank you as well for supporting the growth and learning from home, showing that you care about your child. We thank you for keeping our students healthy.

It is so amazing to see how our team of teachers came together to prepare lessons for this week and the one following spring break.

Together, we are all stepping up to the challenge and creating what is best for our students. We can all feel reassured that what we are doing as teachers and families is enough and we can all be proud to be doing the best we can.

We acknowledge and appreciate progressively seeing student work, photos, videos, and recordings through Seesaw. As a gentle reminder, lessons and student work will be posted with the use of this program as of the week of April 6 and families are welcome to start this week if they wish. We notice high levels of student engagement and the activities are helping them grow. As another gentle reminder, if you wish to learn more about Seesaw, please visit . For those who would like to explore another link on how to get started to use Seesaw at home, please visit .

We also thank Mme Kirkham who sent personal emails to all families this week for parents to be able to have report cards available online.

As well, for information about how Pembina Trails is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, please visit our school website at .

Should you have any questions about your child’s learning, please communicate with your classroom teacher.

Stay safe,

Karine Rioux, Principal

Jan 09
January News

Happy New Year to everyone! It's great to be back and see familiar faces again. It's wonderful to see students entering the building with rosy cheeks and smiles. They are happy to talk about the winter holiday season and are ready to learn.

December Assembly and Dance-a-thon News

We are expressing gratitude to Andrea Coulling and Betta Wishart who presented prizes to our top fundraisers and fundraising class in December, and thanked students for their Dance-a-thon contributions. Students received mini cupcakes to celebrate our success.

Thank you, dear families, for your generous donations which will provide the following opportunities for our students:

With your support and generous donations of corporate sponsor owned by École Tuxedo Park parents and grandparents, we collected a grand total of $5,979.00! We will proudly donate 10% to a school in need.

We congratulate our Grade 3 class who is the top fundraising class as well as Alexa, Grade 3 student, who is our top fundraiser.

We thank Mme Phillips who beautifully prepared our students in Grades 1 and 3 for this assembly. We also thank students who prepared a song for Mme Tanguay who will be missed tremendously as she served our community extremely well.

We welcome and congratulate Mme Kirkham who started off Monday as our administrative secretary. Thanks to her years of experience as an educational assistant, she knows our students and our community.

All families are welcome to our upcoming assembly on February 19 at 10:50 in our gym. Students in Kindergarten and Grade 2 will be presenting.


Thank You

Thank you for having contributed to support those in need during the festive season. With your support and generosity, we were able to collect:

  • Socks for the homeless that will be distributed to Siloam Mission
  • Gifts for The Big Give (for children who are at the hospital)
  • Food for Winnipeg Harvest.

We thank Ingrid Stratton, our lunch monitor, who distributed the gifts for The Big Give as well as the socks for Siloam Mission.

Mme Giasson

It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank Mme Elaine Giasson who did a wonderful job as an interim principal in December. Mme Giasson appreciated getting to know our students and staff. She also enjoyed coming back to our little school with a big heart as former principal of École Tuxedo Park.


We are absolutely honoured and privileged to greet Mme Carlee Girouard who is our new Educational Assistant who started this past Monday. Mme Girouard works in the afternoon.


Wishing everyone health, happiness, and joy in 2020,

Karine Rioux

Dec 19
Happy Holidays from Mme Giasson

Dear École Tuxedo Park families,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and parents for the warm welcome I received upon my arrival at École Tuxedo Park on December 4th. It has been my pleasure and honour to work in various classrooms and do my best to support staff members and students during my time here. These two and a half weeks have reminded me of the innocence of children and the desire of each student to be successful in their learning. 

My time here has reminded me that:

· going down stairs can be tricky for a Kindergarten student;

· playing hard outside creates sweaty heads and interesting hair styles under the toques;

· singing is so much fun and such an effective way to learn a second language;

· learning can be a challenge and there is joy in seeing all students supported in their quest for success. 

It has been a pleasure to work with Mme Tanguay in her last several weeks at École Tuxedo Park prior to her retirement. Mme Tanguay has continued to take such good care of students and families enrolled at École Tuxedo Park. 

I would also like to extend my best wishes to Mme Kirkham, who will be the school's administrative assistant. 

Another new staff member starting in January will be Mme Carley Girouard. She will be an educational assistant, having the privilege of working with great students and staff at École Tuxedo Park. 

On behalf of Mme Rioux and myself, we wish you all peace, joy and prosperity in the New Year. Enjoy the Winter Break. Classes resume on Monday, January 6th.  


Elaine Giasson, Acting Principal

Dec 09
Happy Retirement Mme Tanguay

Dear Ecole Tuxedo Park Community,

As you may be aware, Mme Carole Tanguay will be retiring at the Christmas break after 34 years of outstanding service as the Administrative Secretary at Ecole Tuxedo Park. We are all grateful for Mme Tanguay's work on behalf of the school and wish her all the best in her retirement.

I am very pleased to congratulate Mme Vanessa Kirkham on her appointment as Mme Tanguay's replacement. Mme Kirkham has worked as an Educational Assistant at Ecole Tuxedo Park for the last five years and will assume her new role as the Administrative Secretary in the new year.

Congratulations and best wishes to both Mme Tanguay and Mme Kirkham.



Mme Elaine Giasson

Acting Principal


Nov 29
Short Term Leave

Dear École Tuxedo Park Families,

From December 3-20, I will be on a planned medical leave of a non-serious nature.

We have the absolute pleasure, honour and privilege to greet Mme Elaine Giasson, former principal in Pembina Trails School Division starting on December 4, to serve our school as Interim Principal. Our students will be in great hands with Mme Giasson’s support.

Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy holiday season, and I look forward to greeting all of my students, staff and families on January 6, 2020.

Karine Rioux


Aug 30

Dear École Tuxedo Park Families, 
It is great to be back in our little school with a big heart! We are thrilled to be working with former and new staff members. As of last week, we found a full time and experienced Grade 4 teacher. Her name is Lindsay Ashley and she is already starting to build relationships with students who are at Explore and Discover. 
I am so glad to be in great shape now that I am completely recovered from my medical leave. I am proud to inform everyone that I am now seven months breast cancer free due to the unconditional love and support from family, friends and colleagues. As well, I am so eternally grateful for the compassionate care from the entire staff working through Cancer Care Manitoba including doctors, nurses, nurses aides, volunteers and many more. 
Looking forward to a beautiful school year and I hope to see you at the Welcome to My Classroom on Wednesday, September 11 at 5:30 p.m.

Jun 11
Staffing Updates for Next Year by Kathy Bru

There will be many new faces on the staff at ÉTP next year. We will be saying au revoir to several teachers who have received jobs elsewhere:

  • Mme Kristina Ellis (our resource teacher) will be moving to École Dieppe;
  • M Hosni Azzabi (grade 2) will be moving to École South Pointe;
  • Mme Joslin Cannon (K and grade 4) will be moving home to teach in Portage la Prairie at École Crescentview;
  • Mme Cornelia Marcil (Reading Recovery) will be moving to Pacific Junction School;
  • M Andrew Ridd (grade 3) will be moving to Ecole Leila North;
  • Mme Alyssa Herkert (grade 3) will be on a maternity leave for the year; and
  • I will be moving to Ryerson School as principal next year.

These teachers have worked very hard at ETP. They have brought strong programming, caring hearts, and engaging ideas to the school. They will be missed.

We will be welcoming back Mme Karine Rioux as principal in the fall. She is very excited to be coming back. As well, we will be welcoming back Mme. Sarah McQuaid.

There has been some internal movement on staff as well. Mme Kate Boyd will be moving out of grade 1 into the resource teacher and Reading Recovery teacher role. Mme Boyd will begin using her married name next fall; she will be Mme Macchia.

ETP staff  2019-2020: 

K – Mme Carol Hall

Grade 1 – Mme Shelley Penner

Grade 2 – M Danny Kunce

Grade 3 – M Jonathan Humniski

Grade 4 – Mme Yana Courtney and Mme Sarah McQuaid (They will be working alternate days.)


Phys. Ed. – Mme Dominique Allard

Music – Mme Julie Phillips

Teacher Librarian – Mme Andrea Kavanagh

Resource – Mme Kate Macchia (Boyd)

Counsellor – Mme Julie Phillips

EAL Teacher – Mme Morrissey

Administrative Secretary – Mme Carole Tanguay

Library Technician – Mme Angela Anderson

Head custodian – M Goran Djuric

Evening custodian – M Alvaro Fernandes

The students will have a chance to see their new classroom and learn about their new teacher on Friday, June 21 at 10:50. Their new teacher will not be present, but all of them have sent a picture and fun facts to share with the students.

Our New Staff Members

Our new teachers are at a variety of different stages in their career. Mme Hall (Kindergarten) has been a teacher for over 13 years. She taught French Immersion in the former Assiniboine South school division. Her first job was as a Kindergarten teacher at ETP prior to moving to Brandon. For the past 9 years, she has been teaching at Linden Christian School, most recently as their French teacher. Mme Penner (grade 1) is coming to us from Seven Oaks School Division. She is completing her sixth year of teaching and has taught all levels of early years. She is currently teaching grade 2 at Ecole Riviere Rouge.  M Kunce (grade 2) is moving to Winnipeg this summer from Ontario. He has been teaching in French Immersion there for the past few years. Prior to that, he lived and taught in Quebec. M Humniski (grade 3) is a new grad. He is a francophone Manitoban who did his student teaching at ETP last year. He is excited to be rejoining the school community. We welcome all 4 of them to the ETP team!

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