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Aug 28
Ryerson is ready to shine!

​We are so excited to have students back in our building on September 8. We have been working very hard to plan for a safe re-entry.

The first day of school is always my favourite day of the school year, and this year, it will be even more special.

The students are "my WHY". They are the reason I became an educator, they make me want to be the best educator I can be, and they make a school much more than a building. They fill our halls with laughter, curiosity, joy, and love.

We missed having all of our students in our building last year. Ryerson just wasn't the same. So, it is with great excitment that we will have our entire school community under the same roof once again.

Our staff is ready to guide students through the uncertainty of a return during a pandemic. Staff and student well-being and safety are of upmost importance to us.

Our routines are solid, and we will patiently guide students as they get back into the groove of school.

At Ryerson School, we believe that all kids can SHINE! We look forward to another great year of bringing out the beautiful gifts of our students and helping them believe in their gifts. We can't wait to see Ryerson shine again!

Sep 09
Ryerson Shines!

Welcome back to staff, students and families! We are very excited to begin the 2019-20 school year.

As a new administration team, we are keen to get to know all of the students. A focus for Ryerson School this year is to create the conditions for all of our students to shine.

We know that all children have strengths of character and strengths of skill and believe that it is our responsibility to nurture these strengths and we want to celebrate them. Our motto this year is Ryerson Shines!

We will be highlighting all of the ways that the Ryerson students, staff and community shine on our webpage, our Twitter feed (@ryelementary) and our Instagram (Ryerson School). Please follow us and enjoy celebrating all of the ways that #RyersonShines.

Kathy Bru and Shannon Shields


Jan 10
Looking to 2019

The New Year is celebrated all over the world with great fun and enthusiasm. Each culture and religion celebrates this day in its own unique way by sharing inspiring wishes and messages.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and our school community for their continued support. Our school is truly a community school and it is at this time of year when the closeness of friendship shines in all of our faces.

As I look to the future, I am reminded that the new year brings with it 12 new chapters and 365 new opportunities. Each will bring new learning experiences, new challenges and new fun. I look forward to what lies ahead for us as a school community in 2019!


Oct 18
Ryerson Embraces Escape Learning

​Ryerson School is using Escape Learning to enhance students' soft skill development. You only have 45 minutes to find the clues around the library to unlock the boxes that will give you the key to solve the mystery.  Can you do it? Collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication and perseverance are just some of the skills that students are learning as they use "Breakout Kits".   "Breakout Kits" use the escape room phenomena and create experiential, hands on learning experiences that require students to work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open a locked box.  The result - Student engagement is high, learning is meaningful and students are working together to solve problems.

Mar 06
Moving Towards a New Relationship

​Following the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's (TRC) final report, schools are rethinking their practices and determining how they can affect positive change. The legacies that have been left by residential schools and the limiting perspectives and interpretations of Canadian history has required classroom instruction to be more critical, analytical and thoughtful.  In responding to the TRC's calls to action, the importance of collaboration between survivors, Indigenous peoples, educators and governments to provide resources and research to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to redevelop curriculum and integrate Indigenous knowledge and pedagogies into the classroom is at the forefront of the Ryerson agenda.  Our work with Elder Theodore Fontaine is helping all of us understand and redress the legacy of residential schools  and the importance of identity.

Jun 09
Framework for 21st Century Learning

​The topic of 21st Century Learning has dominated our professional discussions this school year. As we link current research with authentic experiences students have had multiple opportunities to create, problem solve and collaborate using the latest technologies. Using innovative learning as a foundation for thinking is critical to future success.    

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