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Jun 07
The Principal Says...

River West Park has had a first class website for a long time thanks to the efforts of Mr. Todd Johnson. When Mr. Johnson isn't teaching, coaching or tinkering with students' Makerspace projects he is looking after all things digital at RWP, including our website. The school division has embarked on an ambitious eShare project which will change the way we connect with our stakeholders and operate in the digital world. An initial step in the process has been inviting all schools to create new websites on the division's platform.

After many hours of behind the scenes work we are now going live with our new website. We hope it provides families with the information and news needed to keep families connected with our school community.

This blog section will be the area where you will find the principal's message that has traditionally anchored the front page of our school newsletter. I will be counting on our Administrative Secretary, Mrs. Kathy Penner, to continue to remind me that my monthly article is due and I am hoping that as I get into the swing of blogging that I may be posting my thoughts and comments more frequently.

We hope you enjoy our new website and we would love to hear your comments.

With kindest regards,

Bill Burns,


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No, this isn't actually my picture. I just haven't gotten around to updating this section. It's good to know that someone is reading every last word though. Thanks!