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Edsby for Students -Starting with Assessments Step By Step

This document is intended to help students log into Edsby. It will help them to understand how to find homework that the teacher has assigned and how to complete the assignments a submit them back so the teacher can mark them.

You can get to Edsby from any Pembina Trails website by going to Sign In | Student | Edsby

Once you get to the Edsby Sign in page, leave the top part for your parents to use

Staff and students use the Microsoft button

Now You can sign in with your Pembina Trails email address (your

Now sign in with your username and password. If you are sharing your computer with other people in your family, do not put a check mark int he box labelled Keep me signed in. If you are the only one who uses the device, go ahead and click on Keep me signed in.

When you sign in , on the left-hand side you will see a list of your classes

Your Portfolio and Learning Story will be directly underneath your list of Classes

In the middle area you might see some assignments or notes your teacher will have written

Items with the little grad hat are assignments.
If you also see a Submit button then your teacher expects you to hand in your homework in order to complete your assignment.
If your assignment is overdue, then you will see an Overdue message in the top right hand corner. 
Once you have submitted an assignment, the button will change to Resubmit. You can resubmit an assignment at any time
If you submit an overdue assignment, it will stay in the top right corner but the text will be crossed out
Once the teacher marks it, it will disappear

To get more information on an assignment click the title of the assignment

You will then see the details of the assignment

These details could include instructions from the teacher, and any attachments. in order to download the attachment, just click on the icon

When you click on the attachment icon it will open up the file

If you want to download the assignment instead, hover on the icon and click Download instead
You may then need to enable editing before you can add anything to the document

Make your changes and then save in either OneDrive or on your computer

When you are ready to submit your can find your file by either choosing Browse your computer or from OneDrive

Wait for the green bar to complete before clicking on submit. You can also write a message to your teacher in the space provided

You can also check and submit homework from the app on your phone

Go into Calendar to see if anything is overdue

Or you can go into your classes

Choose a class
To see if there is anything that needs to be submitted

To submit a file click on Submit. You will then be able to attach

1. A new picture from your camera
2. An audio recording
3. A video
4. An existing picture
5. A file
6. Or a web link
Make sure that the green bar shows that the upload is completed before you click the Submit button. And you can type a message to the teacher at the same time

When you would like to take a look at your work hover over one of your classes and click My Work

Then select Assessments

You will see any graded assessments at the top, and any ungraded assessments at the bottom. And your teacher can choose to share your marks, or not

Your teacher can also choose to show you your overal mark in the class in the top right corder, or not

Thank you for taking the time to review this information

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