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Safe work procedures are required for all experiments and demonstrations for all Chemistry, Biology, Physics and General Sciences courses.  For additional information specific to science teachers please use the Science Teachers link on the main Workplace Safety & Health web page.

Note:  After you have completed your safe work procedures please submit them to the Safety Officer so that they can be added to the web page.

A teacher should always consider two factors when determining whether or not a particular demonstration or laboratory experiment should be performed: what does it teach and what are the safety concerns? Often teachers are drawn to demonstrations solely for their “wow factor.” However, teachers must make sure   important concepts are being taught and then also weigh the value of these concepts against the potential for unfortunate accidents.

Information on high risk and banned chemicals in the School Division.

How to write a job hazard analysis and safe work procedure:

Safe Work Procedures:

Please click on the following sections to see the specific safe work procedures for each of the specific classes: 

  • General Safe Work Procedures
  • General Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics 

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