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LMTV Live Stream

Linden Meadows is LIVE!

Linden Meadows is proud to LIVE broadcast each morning all the important announcements and information that students (and staff) need to start their learning day. With a dedicated student crew, we have firmly established a successful broadcasting program to goes “LIVE” at 8:53 a.m. each day. Students watch (and listen!) in their classrooms LIVE, or watch when it best fits their morning schedule. The LMTV crew is responsible for virtually all technical and presentation aspects of each broadcast and work together as a team to discuss what new elements could be introduced and how. Our goal at LMTV is not only to keep our student body informed, but also showcase the wonderful work done in the classrooms by the students themselves. As a team, our skills and understanding have grown substantially this year and we are very excited of the possibilities as we move forward.

Congratulations to LMTV’s first-ever broadcasting crew as the success of this new initiative is the direct result of their input, investment, effort and dedication. They have been outstanding! Bravo team!

See you on the airwaves…

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