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Specialized Programs

Advanced Math

The grade nine math program allows successful applicants to complete both the grade nine math and grade 10 Introduction to Pre-Calculus and Applied Math course during their grade nine year.  Students need to have a high average (90+) in grade eight, participated and done well in math contests offered throughout the year, and be recommended by their teacher. This program is capped at 30 students. 

Contact Mr. Bailey if you have additional questions.

Extra Credit Programs

Grade nine students can earn additional high school credits by participating in the school's Student Initiated Project (SIP) credit program. Students can make a contribution by volunteering for worthwhile causes or organizations.

  • 55 hours can earn a half credit

  • 110 hours equals a full credit

The civic skills, knowledge and attitudes obtained from such community service activity can increase a student's self esteem and maturity, and provide more awareness of the needs of others in the community.

 A credit may be available to a student who participates in such activity in the senior years for graduation purposes and does not require departmental registration. Students who participate in the school's Peer Tutoring program can also use those hours toward their SIP credit. 

 Please see Ms. Savage for more information.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a means to encourage youth over the age of 14 years to voluntarily become involved in a variety of personal development activities including:


  • Community Service

  • Adventurous Journey

  • Skills

  • Physical Recreation


Each participant who undertakes this program selects an activity under each of the four above heading, thus gaining exposure to new experiences in social responsibility and adventure training. Organized into three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold), the Award is designed to encourage students to develop:

  • Self-reliance

  • Perseverance

  • Initiative

  • Determination

Students can register at the end of grade 8 and start working toward their Bronze level award which is typically awarded at the grade 9 celebration ceremony in June. 

Please see Ms. Savage for more information. 

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