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School List

​School Name ​Address​Phone Number​Program​Grade
Acadia Junior High175 Killarney Ave.204.269.6210English​7-9
​Arthur A. Leach School1827 Chancellor Dr.204.269.1674English​5-9
​Bairdmore School700 Bairdmore Blvd.204.261.3350​English​K-6
Beaumont School5880 Betsworth Ave.204.895.2820​English​K-6
Beaverlodge School6691 Rannock Ave.204.895.8213​English​K-6
École R.H.G. Bonnycastle School1100 Chancellor Dr.204.261.9400​English/French​K-4
Chancellor School1520 Chancellor Dr.204.261.9535​English​K-6
École Charleswood School505 Oakdale Dr.204.889.9332​​English/French​7-9 / 5-8
École Crane888 Crane Ave. 204.453.0539​French​K-4
​Dalhousie School262 Dalhousie Dr.204.269.4101​English​K-6
​École Dieppe530 Dieppe Rd. 204.889.1034​French​K-4
​Fort Richmond Collegiate99 Killarney Ave.204.275.7520​Engllish​10-12
​General Byng School1250 Beaumont St.204.452.3040​English​K-9
​Henry G. Izatt Middle School960 Scurfield Blvd. 204.489.1239​English​5-9
​Laidlaw School515 Laidlaw Blvd. 204.888.1678​English​K-8
Linden Meadows School335 Lindenwood Dr. E204.489.0799​English​K-8
​École secondaire Oak Park High School820 Charleswood Rd.204.895.7221​​English/French​10-12 / 9-12
Oakenwald School666 Oakenwald Ave.204.474.0269​English​K-6
​Pacific Junction School715 Cathcart St.204.831.7099​English​K-6
Pembina Trails Alternative High School

​200 - 315 Chancellor Matheson Rd.

(Investor's Group Field offices)

​204.488.7357 ​English​11-12
​Ralph Maybank School 20 Donnelly St.204.453.4631​English​K-6
​River West Park School30 Stack St.204.895.7225​English​K-9
​Royal School450 Laxdal Rd.204.889.6650​English​K-6
​Ryerson School10 Ryerson Ave.204.269.1400​English​K-6
​École St-Avila633 Patricia Ave. 204.269.5677​French​K-6
Shaftesbury High School2240 Grant Ave.204.888.5898​English​9-12
​École South Pointe School615 Kirkbridge Dr.204.594.4434​​English/French​K-7
​École Tuxedo Park2300 Corydon Ave. 204.889.3602​French​K-6
​École Van Walleghem School1 Princemere Rd.204.489.0995​​English/French​K-8
​Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate975 Dowker Ave.204.453.8023​English/French​​10-12 / 9-12
​École Viscount Alexander810 Waterford Ave. 204.452.8945​French​5-8
​Westdale School6720 Betsworth Ave.204.895.8205​English​7-9
Westgrove School50 Westgrove Way204.895.8208​English​K-6

​Whyte Ridge School


400 Scurfield Blvd. 204.488.4245​English​K-4
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