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Vincent Massey students send heartfelt postcards to residential school survivor

These days we all need a feel-good story.

Huge Pembina Trails (@PembinaTrails) shout out to Mr. Francis and his classes at Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate (@icvmcwpg). When Viv Ketchum, a local activist, elder and residential school survivor asked the public to send her postcards as an act of truth and reconciliation, 18 students from Vincent Massey responded with incredible letters that made a huge impact on her.

After receiving a big brown envelope with all those Vincent Massey letters, Ketchum tells Marcy Markusa from CBC Radio that “she danced to the mailbox” every day after.

When you listen to Viv Ketchum speak with CBC radio, you can hear the pure joy those letters gave her.

Use this url to hear the touching interview

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