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In-class learning resumes Monday, January 17th. Students will be expected to wear 3-layered, well-fitting masks (cloth or disposable). Schools will provide masks for students who are unable to bring their own.

Our response to the Province’s January 4, 2022 COVID update


Masks will be mandatory

When students and staff return to school on January 17, they will be required to wear a well-fitting mask (cloth or disposable). Schools will provide masks on hand for families who are unable to provide them.

Vaccines remain our best defense to COVID-19

Families are encouraged to get their eligible children vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccines, mask-wearing, washing hands and physical distancing remain our best defense against COVID-19.


The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority. Proper ventilation is an important part of our safety strategy.

All schools in Pembina Trails are in full compliance with the Province’s ventilation guidelines. 

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