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Divisional Policies - E

Section E: Support Services

Section E of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

The columns to the left indicate the presence of a policy, regulation or exhibit applicable to The Pembina Trails School Division. 

EBAAReporting of Hazardous ConditionsPolicy  
EBABHazardous MaterialsPolicy Exhibit 1
EBBAPrevention of Communicable Disease/Infection TransmissionPolicyRegulationExhibit 1
Exhibit 2
EBBBAccident ReportsPolicy  
EBBCEmergency Ambulance ServicesPolicy  
EBCAEmergency Response Plans (Also EBC)PolicyRegulation 
EBCCBomb ThreatsPolicyRegulationExhibit
EBCESchool Closings and CancellationsPolicyRegulation 
ECBuildings/Grounds/Property ManagementPolicy  
ECAAAccess to School Buildings - KeysPolicyRegulation 
ECACATrespassing on Division PropertyPolicy  
ECADResponsibility for Personal PropertyPolicy Exhibit
ECAEAVideo SurveillancePolicyRegulation 
ECEParking on Division PropertyPolicy  
EEAStudent TransportationPolicy  
EEAAStudent Eligibility for Transport/Walkers and RidersPolicy  
EEABSpecial Education Student Transportation (See EEAA)   
EEACBus Scheduling and RoutingPolicy  
EEAECStudent Conduct on BusesPolicy  
EEAECBCarry On Items on School BusesPolicy  
EEAFAExtracurricular Activity Buses/Field Trips & Special Events TransportPolicy  
EEBBUse of Private Vehicles on School BusinessPolicy  
EFSchool Lunch ProgramsPolicyRegulation 
EHBRecords ManagementPolicyRegulation

Exhibit - 1
Exhibit - 2

EIAProperty Insurance (Also EIB, BBC and ECAD, ECAD-E)    
EIBLiability Insurance (Also BBC and ECAD, ECAD-E) Policy  
EIDStudent Accident Insurance Policy  
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