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Divisional Policies - B

​Section B: School Board Governance and Operations 

Section B of the NEPN-NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements about the school board, how it is elected, organized, how it conducts its’ meetings and operates.

The columns to the right indicate the presence of a policy, regulation or exhibit applicable to The Pembina Trails School Division.

BCSchool Trustee Code of ConductPolicy 
BBCSchool Board Liability/Insurance (Also EI)Policy 
BCABoard Member EthicsPolicyRegulation
​BCABE​Trustee Attendance at Regular Meetings of the Board by Electronic MeansPolicy
BCBBoard Member Conflict of Interest – See PSA –
Parts II and XI
BDCAppointed Board OfficialsPolicy 
BDEBoard Committees - See Bylaw Sections X, XI & XIIPolicy 
BDGSchool Division Attorney/Legal ServicesPolicy 
BGAPolicy Development SystemPolicy 
BGABPolicy and Regulation Development ProcessPolicy 
BGFSuspension/Repeal of Policy and or Regulation Policy 
BGGAdministration Response in Absence of PolicyPolicy 
BHASchool Division Logo and/or MottoPolicy 
BIANew Board Member OrientationPolicyRegulation
BIDBoard Member Compensation and ExpensesPolicyExhibit 1
Exhibit 2
BKAAssociation Memberships Policy 
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