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Westgrove School

50 Westgrove Way

Winnipeg, MB  R3R 1R7                                                              Tel:  895-8208

                                                                                                           Fax:  895-0801

The Pillars for Living, Learning, Growing, and Being

Westgrove School is organized by the pillars of living, learning, growing and being.  A focus on the Academic is critical for our school.  In addition, Westgrove is a place where students learn how to LIVE, how to LEARN, and continue how to GROW and how to BE, how to know who they are (sense of self) and what they stand for.

Our pillars provide a framework to teach the “whole child”.  When school efforts focus on the development of norms, behaviours, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in each of the four pillars of Living, Learning, Growing, and Being, students develop into respectful, responsible, resilient and well-rounded citizens.

Academic- We ensure students achieve growth and development.

Respect- We nurture a strong sense of self respect, personal responsibility and respect for others.

Teamwork- We promote the knowledge, skills, values, and behaviours that support effective teamwork.

Leadership- We provide opportunities for shared leadership: initiative, responsibility, perseverance and innovation.










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