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Phys. Ed. Library - Aug. 2015 Phys. Ed. Equipment Tender


Subject Information


Physical Education Lessons:

   Community Learning Network

   Education World

   Educator's Reference Desk

   Lesson Plan Central

   Lesson Planz

   PE Central

   PE Games

   The Teacher's Corner

   Circus Activities - Juggling etc.

   In-line Skating (SKATETIME)

   Play Sport - TGFU Games

   Pedometer Lessons


Instructional Resources

Rubric Generator

Teaching Strategies


Active Health Games  - Order Form

Human Kinetics

Easy GPS - Waypoint Software

EtrexH - PPT

Movement Skills Documents Order Form - NEW

Physical Education Source

Growing Young Movers

TeachPE - NEW

Phys. Ed. Source - NEW


Games / Activities - NEW

Phys. Ed Games


   Learn 'Em - Muscles and Bones

   Human Body & Mind

   Inner Body



   Learn to Bowl


Fitness Resources:

   Pembina Trails Fitness Page



   Ballroom Dance

   Ballroom Dance Instruction


Charts & Conversions:

   Shoe Size Conversions


X-Country Ski Sizing

   Sizing Charts



   Manitoba Blind Sports Assoc.


   Special Olympics

   Manitoba Wheelchair Sports

   See Yourself Swimming

   Para Swimming Program

   Making Waves Winnipeg

   Able Sail Manitoba

   Tae Ryong Park Academy


Outdoor Education:

   PTSD Outdoor Education Page



   Wilderness Health & Safety

   Safety in Skiing

   Lids on Kids


Wall Climbing

   Climbing in Schools

   Rock Creation Games


Wide Games

Alternative Pursuits

Wide Games

Special Events

Purple Pirate Booking

Sport Science

The Science of Hockey

Sport Science

PHE Canada




MB ED Citizenship and Youth

Alberta Learning - PE

National Institute of Health (NIH)

President's Council on Fitness and Sports

ACE Fitness - Education Center

Physical Activity Guide

Physical Activity Guidelines

KidSport - Funding Application

Manitoba Movement Skills

Active for Life - NEW

ParticipACTION - NEW


Olympic Games

Olympic Games Official Website

Beijing 2008

Vancouver 2010


London 2012


Manitoba Healthy Living


Brain Gym

Support Documents PPT. Presentations Physical Literacy

Manitoba Safety Document - Eng (revised 2006)

Manitoba Safety Document - Fr (pdf)

PE Tender 2014 - request a copy from G. Brewster

Digital Clustering Tool - Revised

Digital Clustering Tool - Instructions

Year Planner - Word

Year Planner - Spreadsheet

Student Initiated Program (SIP) Form

SIP Guide

Framework - Eng (full)

Framework - Eng (short)

Framework - French

F for I (K-Grade 4) - Eng

F for I (K-Grade 4) - Fr

F for I (Grade 5 - 8) - Part 1

F for I (Grade 5 - 8) - Part 2

PEP Presentation - Eng

PEP Presentation - Fr

Dr. Claire LeBlanc - SAG 2002

Dr. Dean Kreillaars - Polar 2006

SAG 2008


Articles / Issues    

Relaxation Script

Kids and Weights

Strength Training fro Children

Strength Training for Young Athletes

Wt. Training Guidelines for Children

Youth Strength Training

Single-Sex PE Classes

Single-sex and coed physical education






Physical Literacy Ep. 1

Physical Literacy Ep.2

Physical Literacy Ep. 3 

Clip Art / Images

Busy Teachers Clipart

Podcasts /

Physical Literacy Ep. 1

Physical Literacy Ep.2

Physical Literacy Ep. 3