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Here are some ideas you can use for I Love to Read Month with your staff and students. Some schools have a month long celebration of reading while others may confine it to a week or a special day celebration.  Thanks to the teacher-librarians of Pembina Trails School Division for these sugggestions. Please send your suggestions to

I Love to Read Month is traditionally celebrated in February in Manitoba, Canada.


Snippets from Picture Books/Contest
Short sections of children's favorite books are read over the in-school speaker system. Kids try to identify the source.

Folk Tale T-shirts
Teachers use fabric paints to design a t-shirt to represent a favorite folk tale. T-shirts are displayed or worn. Kids try to guess the tales.

A Story Line
Using A Story Line as inspiration, give students a paper with only a simple curved line on it which they then use to complete a picture. The pictures become the illustrations for their stories. A Story Line. Scholastic. ISBN 0-439-95753-2

Poster - Suggest books for PE Teacher
Posters that encourage reading go on the gym walls. This leads to understanding that the love of reading isn't confined to the library.

Song/Sound Trigger
ex. Blast Off to Reading. When kids and adults in the school hear the sound, they stop and read. Offer a handy pile of good books to your PE, art,  and music specialists for this purpose.

Rockin' Reading
Between songs, have readings. Related to Poetry Slam event. Kids love this! Kids audition. Free entry for kids who wear a beret. Include musical staff.and props.

Displays - Hands On!
Make book displays that kids can raid! Research shows that displays motivate readers. Link to research

Web Page Encouragement
Add links to web sites that have good reading lists. A good example is the Monroe County Indiana Public Library database at 
Make your own reading lists and post them online.

Readers' Album
Use a large photo album to store photos of students holding their favourite books. Include brief reviews of the favourite books.

Olympics Reading Challenge
You might want to challenge your students to an Olympic reading event. By reading a predetermined number of books/or pages students will be able to earn gold, silver, or bronze medals. The criteria should be determined ahead of time by the teacher and can be based on individual goals. With this event everyone is a winner!!

Reader's Theatre
Have students or staff members record a story on audio tape to be played during the morning announcements. Have each class prepare a reader's theatre production to be played during the I Love to Read celebrations. Alternatively use ready-made Scripts

Book Title Challenge
Compose sentences using book titles from your school library. Exhibit unmarked sentences on a bulletin board or on an activity sheet. Have a contest to see who can come up with the most correct answers. Example:
Ramona and her father asked, "Will I like it?" when they heard that there was fish for supper just before the best Christmas pageant ever.

Digitize Books by Kids

Book Survey
Conduct a class survey on your favorite books and authors and then post the results on your school's web page.

Book Report Game
After completing a book have students choose from your book report canister how they will share their book with their classmates. Some ideas are: a book commercial, making a game related to the book, a mobile with objects that represent one of the main characters in the book, a diorama. Brainstorm with your students for other book report ideas.

Celebrity Readers

What's in the News
Have students read and bring interesting articles from the newspaper to share with their classmates.

Rock 'n Read
If your library has a rocking chair, move it out in the hallway by the office for a week or two.  Classes sign up on a master schedule for half hour or hour long periods.  Students get the chance to bring their favourite books  and rock 'n read.  The location of the rocking chair highlights the event and classes may select more than one slot enabling all children to have a turn.

Reader's Grid - Easy Display
Using coloured yarn, divide a bulletin board into large squares. In each square identify a genre (or author). Have students autograph the board in the space that represents the genre (or author) they prefer. Students could add title and/or author information in the squares. 

Book "Trailers"
Students are familiar with movie trailers that are designed to entice the viewer to watch an upcoming movie. Student-made book trailers could include enough information to lure other readers to other books in the class or library. The book trailers would be enhanced with a digital photo of the book cover or artistic conceptions of characters or events. Book trailers could be  part of a display. Good ones could be duplicated for wider distribution or included in the school newsletter.

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I Love to Read - Manitoba, February 2010. Join your students, friends and colleagues in celebrating the special time. Visit these sites to learn more.

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