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  Are you about to do research?

While your journey will have switchbacks, chances are you will take a path that has these steps: wondering about something, seeking information, choosing information, connecting useful information you have found, producing information of your own in a new form and judging the entire process and your product.

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WONDERING: Defining the Need for Information

"But he never could think which he ought to do first and so in the end he did nothing at all."
A.A. Milne

 WONDERING: Defining the Need for Information

Locating and Accessing Resources

"I keep six honest serving men
They taught me all I knew
Their names are What and Why and
When and How and Where and Who"
Rudyard Kipling 

...... SEEKING:Locating and Accessing Resources
  • Ask  for Kids - Received PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for Best Kids Search Engine 
  • Canadian Encyclopedia - Excellent bilingual source of information about Canadian history, geography, and more 
  • Choose the Best Search Engine - Trying to decide which search engine will serve you best? Look here.
  • Fact Monster Atlas - Fact Monster also has encyclopedia, almanac, and dictionary.
  • Google - A clean, powerful search engine that is easy to use. 
  • Ithaki for Kids - Metasearch tool that offers results from searches using kid oriented sites.
  • Kids' Search Tools - Take your pick from a wide variety of tools suitable for students of all ages 
  • Metacrawler - A versatile search service that is very simple to use. Limited results 
  • Recherche d'information sur Internet - Les outils de recherche francophones 
  • Surfnet - Searchable safe sites with links to pages about many different topics  
  • World Book Online
  • World News - Internet Public Library collection of news sources from around the world 
  • Type your search term in the space below and click on the Yahooligans button   

CHOOSING: Understanding and Appraising Information

"Tiny inputs reverberate into big changes."
Robert Garmston

CHOOSING:Understanding and Appraising Information


"From time to time every creative person wishes he had the outlook of a child so that he find his own perceptions and escape from the ones that have been imposed on him."
Edward DeBono

CONNECTING:Organizing Information

the Information





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 PRODUCING: Communicating the Information

JUDGING: Evaluating the Process and the Product

"Whatever one believes to be true either is true or becomes true in one's mind."
John C. Lily

JUDGING :Evaluating the Process and the Product  


"Knowledge is power"
Francis Bacon, 1561-1626


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"People networks can provide encouragement, support and motivation for professional renewal and improved performance."
Ken Haycock


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