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We believe that parents play an important role in the education of children. Indeed, we encourage parental involvement.

Research supports that children whose parents help them at home and stay in touch with the school score higher than children of similar aptitude and family background whose parents are not involved. In schools where children are failing, grades improve dramatically when parents are called to help.

It requires a partnership - parents, schools, business leaders, and the community working together to prepare our children for the future. We invite the École Charleswood School community to participate in this partnership.

All parents and guardians of students attending École Charleswood School are members of our home/school support group. The main goal of the Parent Connection is to provide a forum for discussion between parents, staff, and students to ensure the best possible education for the students. The connection provides an opportunity to become better informed about school activities and provides the school with the feedback so necessary to ensure excellence. It's also a great opportunity to meet people. All parents are invited to attend our monthly Parent Connection meetings

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